JoomKopo - installation

JoomKopo is a Virtuemart 3 payments plugin used to accept Safaricom MPesa "Buy goods and services" mode of payment. Before installing insure that:

  • You are running Joomla 3.0 or above
  • You are using the Virtuemart ecommerce solution (version 3)
  • You have a valid Kopo Kopo account

Follow the steps below to generate your unique plugin. Note that the plugin will only work on the domain specified. Be careful when specifying the domain as no refunds or changes to specified domains are possible after purchase.

Installation instructions (after download)

  1. Install the plugin using the Joomla extension installer
  2. Select payment methods from the Virtuemart menu
  3. Click on the new button
  4. Fill in the form and specify joomkopo as the payment method
  5. Fill in the configuration tab in particular the Till no.
  6. Save the form


Note that the trial period is 10 days and cannot be extended under any circumstances. Please ensure the prerequisites are set up before downloading trial. The trial plugin cannot be downloaded again for the same domain once the trial period is over.

JoomKopo - Virtuemart Kopo Kopo payments plugin